The Lofts at Fairmount and Oleander

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Exterior view Interior viw of Unit C

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Fort Worth, Texas

Located in the heart of Fort Worth's Near South Side District, The Lofts at Fairmount and Oleander, newly constructed in 2012, offers exclusive custom loft apartments which combine tranquility and luxury with close proximity to the Magnolia Avenue corridor. Units are all one bedroom, one bath, loft style apartments, with a sophisticated palette of color and distinctive touches, tile entries, neutral carpets, top of the line appliances and high ceilings creatively adapted into a spacious layout. Selected interior features include:

The Near Southside's renaissance has made it a great place to live. The area is home to dozens of eclectic and locally-owned eateries, pubs, and art and music venues. You can find more information regarding the Near Southside at Fort Worth South, Inc.

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